All photos on the blog are taken with either iPone 6+ or Sony Alpha 7S with a FE 4/24-70 lens.


It is currently 10:29pm and my mind had been wandering for the past half-hour trying to piece together a satisfactory “About me” page. I can’t. The truth is there are so few subjective things I can definitively state about myself that the concept of identity is nothing more than a puff of smoke. So let’s start with the facts.

I am a Psychology major with a minor in Management. I am Chinese-Canadian and I am THE most typical Virgo. Visiting local cafés both excites and calms me. That’s about it.

I consider the phrase “you’re so hipster” the highest of compliments on some days while long with a passion for an impeccably tailored pantsuit with a classy pair of black pumps on others. My favourite colour is green but I don’t usually like green objects, as demonstrated by my all-too-frequent all-black outfits. I am too stubborn for my own good on the way my bed should be made yet I decided to give this blog a go after months of brooding just because my friend said, “just do it.”

One last fact: I love cheesecake.




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