Once in awhile, we get those funny feelings that pull the corners of our mouths up without us even realizing. A refreshing ray of sunshine, a heartfelt story, a delicious slice of chocolate cake (or two), whatever it takes, #goodvibes always make my day. Although good vibes are often a stroke of serendipity, I’ve discovered tips and tricks to build my own little bubble of an assortment of these positive feelings.

Pencil pouch: Matt & Nat & Agenda: Moleskine


I love writing in my agenda. Whether that be neatly listing my tasks or scribbling down everything that’s coming to my mind in a panic-attack fashion, it always helps me to visualize my mess of a life and put things into perspective. Hey, due dates are only due dates and they HAVE to be taken down one at a time (or so I tell myself).


Candle: P.F. Candle Co. & Perfume: Jo Malone


This is probably my favorite. To me, smell is an extremely personal channel of perception. Walking into my bedroom with it smelling exactly the way I want my home to smell like is a huge blessing, not to mention the romantic sentiment. Perfume takes that fulfillment a level higher. No two individuals wear the same scent in the same way because of everyone’s unique body chemistry. Being able to find your perfect scent and love it on yourself even more than in the bottle is truly a beautiful thing.


Journal and ball pen: Jot it Down


I first started journaling because I realized I rarely physically write anymore–my hand started hurting, protesting against my ATROCIOUS act of, um, actually using it. I am now an eight-month journaler, and this baby has gotten me through some tough times. I love that it is completely open and utterly non-judgmental, to whether and what I want to write in it. I have to admit that most of what’s written in it is not much more than whiny rants and spoiled negativity. But once it’s inked, that’s it. In with the glass half-empty and out with the, well, glass let’s go fill ourselves up.


Nail polishes: 3CE & Lipstick: Smashbox Out loud


Admittedly, I’m not a color person. Before my trip to visit graduate programs, I Instagram storied my the outfits I was packing, and my friend pointed out, “What outfit? Everything is black…” Yes, guilty. That’s why I try to find a favorite color (actual color) every season and incorporate it into my daily life somehow. Now I know it’s spring and the this burnt orange theme is quite literally, last fall. But I can’t help it. A couple swipes on the nails and lips, and I’m a whole new person!


Purse: Oak + Fort & Hand Cream: Aesop & Cards: Kate Spade


Simple, surround yourself with things you like! Now I don’t mean go splurge on every first thing you see, but there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to something that really tingles your heart every so often. I’m not usually a huge purse person, but I fell head-over-heels in love with this nude one. It is super minimalist and sleek, and screams PUT TOGETHER. It’s nice to look elegant running out the door, especially when I don’t feel that way.


GB#6–Softness, inside and out

I don’t think I need to rave about this hand cream. It absorbs super quickly and smells as if you had just taken a nap on the grass. The thank you cards, however, are a new habit. Since I’ve been traveling a lot, I’ve made it a point to leave one of these guys whenever is appropriate: at the airbnb I stay in, for students who host me during my interviews, to my reference providers, etc. It’s amazing how great expressing your gratitude for someone else makes you feel.


Coloring book: Secret Garden 


I don’t do this too often just because of how time-consuming it is. But when I do, it calms my chaotic, type A personality on steroid of a mind without failure. I’ve found that other forms of creative expressions have had more or less the same effect. Take a walk outside and snap some beautiful photos. Write a poem. Maximize the volume on your music and dance it out. Even cooking is surprisingly therapeutic.


Crewneck: designed by Claire Marshall & Shorts: American Apparel

GB#8–Dress it

I’ve found that when we feel down or stuck in a rut, we tend to dress the apart. Dirty PJs, sweats, unwashed hair. Yeah, we’ve all been there. Why bother, right? But it doesn’t help to sink deeper into this cyclical negativity. Even on the busiest day, I make sure to save a half hour in the morning, find a cute but comfortable outfit and put on a little bit of makeup (at least brows and lip gloss, amirite?!). Just a minimal level of effort makes all the difference and prepares you for the hectic day ahead.



What are some of your #goodvibes tips?

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