May 1-16 copy

Summer summer summer summer summer SUMMER IS HERE! Rather than super bright neon colours and all kinds of fun prints, I am actually more of a fan for whites in the summer. White on white on white is just so effortless and refreshing, and instantly makes an outfit.

May 1-1 copy

May 1-24 copy

May 1-39 copy

May 1-48 copy

May 1-12 copy

I have been a HUGE fan of the off-the-shoulder trend as well as the handkerchief-around-the-neck one. So of course I smash the two together. With some classic denim jeans distressed at the knees, I’m calling it a look.

May 1-5 copy

May 1-30 copy

May 1-56 copy

May 1-34 copy

May 1-44 copy

May 1-48 copy

Editorial off-the-shoulder top (visit their Instagram)

Urban Outfitter handkerchief (similar here)

Topshop Jamie jeans (find here)

Lola Shoetique white mules (visit their website)


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