Sun is shining and birds are chirping. It’s time to throw on your Spring Uniform. Rather than the typical floral sundress, I love a good midi dress with trench coat combo. The distressed detail at the bottom of the dress adds some personality into the loose-cut and comfy dress. And what makes this trench coat a special favourite is the lacey hems all around the front and bottom of it. While we usually think of trench coats as cool and structured, this one also has a hint of femininity. A pair of classic sneakers tie the whole look together.

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This is one of my go-to looks for the winter days. Temperatures south of negative twenty really push styling without bulky down jackets to the limit. This look is super easy to put together but definitely does not fall short of any other chic outfit.

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The weather has been so good to us here in Montreal that it almost seems too good to be true. Just because it’s sunny, however, doesn’t mean we can forget about the snowy days. I mean, it is Montreal after all. I wouldn’t be surprised if it relapses into a blistery-mess next week.

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As weather slowly warms up, this is outfit I like to throw on for a casual day out. It’s a look that combines preppy and edgy. The oversized midi dress has grungy cutouts that give a little bit of leg action. The button up adds a light layer and balances out the otherwise dark look. The “Whatever” beanie shields my ears from the wind and ties the whole outfit together. The boxy, military-green jacket keeps the oversized fit.

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