We all run into circumstances where those holy grail ripped jeans and hole-y band tees are just not appropriate. Time after time, the go-to’s are always a black pencil skirt and a pair of black pumps. While our wardrobe choices are often confined by professional settings, we don’t have to strip ourselves of all personality.



The combination of a crisp button up and a pair of well-fitting dress pants is definitely a no-brainer. A pair of simple heels extends the figure and adds a little bit of femininity back into the look.

Detail is key. The gold collar pins echo the gold watch and the gold accents on the heels. Also, mixing patterns is no longer something to be avoided. The accentuated blue stripes are balanced out by the more subtle black grids of the purse.






Striped button-up (similar here)

Theory dress pants (find here)

Gold Citizen watch (find here)

Gold collar pins (similar here)

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