Now I’m not a huge amusement park person. I don’t like rides, and I don’t like lines. I even considered passing up both Universal Studios and Disney Land. In the end, I  decided to give Universal Studios a go solely to avoid the awkward post-holiday questions of what I even did in LA.

It was amazing. I only went for the Despicable Me and Shrek rides but both were adorable, although the minions came on top hands down. The tram tour and the shows were equally impressive. What really won my over, I have to say, were the under-appreciated actors. Spongebob, the Gru sisters, Donkey from Shrek, everyone was lively, enthusiastic, and crazy talented.


As for food, I just could not say no to Gru’s Lab Cafe. I mean, there are minion cupcakes?!?!?!



The second day was a jam-packed one. We stopped by really quickly at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Today was actually the only day out of the New Years week that it is closed (not even surprised knowing my luck). But the pictures were worth the drive.



We spent a good couple of hours at the Getty Center. I had never even heard of it before coming to LA but it was one of my favorite museum-visits ever. The pre-recorded audio guides were super helpful, the balconies overlooked the incredible LA skyline, and the entire venue was very sleek and beautiful. Of course, getting to see the original Irises by Van Gogh was certainly a bonus.







Being the cliche tourist I am, a visit to the Hollywood Walk of Fame seemed necessary. Although the only thing that made it worth the walk along Hollywood street was the accidental spotting of the Hollywood Sign. The block in front of the Chinese Theatre was crazy crowded and to be frank, the street performers acting as different celebrities and fictional characters kind of terrified me. I did find John Woo’s handprint, though!



Happy New Year,


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