The drive from San Francisco to Monterey was magnificent. ROAD TRIIIIIIIIIIIP! We paid Stanford University a little visit and albeit beautiful, I suspect that much of its charm left with its usual buzzing student crowd on vacation.

We spent pretty much the entire Christmas day cruising through the 17-mile Drive. It was truly a whole, different sight around every corner. The sun was having a hard time deciding whether or not to show its face so the view changed second-by-second.








Next stop was Point Lobos State Reserve. We only hiked two short trails but it was the most relaxing hour. The branches shading the paths provided the perfect opportunity to blank your mind and just walk. Just breathe and walk.

Carmel-by-the-Sea was a cute little town at the end of the 17 miles. We went on Christmas day with great anticipation, only to realize when we got there that, duh, it’s Christmas! Almost everything was closed. Disappointment met with us again when we tried our luck a second time on Boxing Day. Nevertheless, the streets were adorable and most definitely picture-worthy.




I guess the main lesson to take away is, when you’re on holidays, everybody else is as well.

Merry Christmas,


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